About Me

DeFlame Candles was founded in 2020 by Sharon Jackson, who was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. While recovering from a spinal injury in 2014, Sharon earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Technology in 2018 from Bowling Green State University.

 Sharon’s love for candles prompted her to purchase a candle making kit to see if she would enjoy making her own candles and wax melts. Whenever she went to purchase wax melts in her favorite scents, they were always out of stock. This struggle prompted Ms. Jackson to begin her research in candle making. After over a year of research and practice, she was satisfied with the outcome of her products.

 Sharon’s goal for her company is to provide a classic and elegant feel while creating safe and clean products for her customers to enjoy. She wants to ensure that each customer feels confident in using her products by providing high-quality and non-toxic essential oils and fragrance oils in all of her candles, wax melts, and hand-dipped incense.