Collection: Hand Poured Soy Candles

Luxury Handcrafted scented soy candle collection made with eco-friendly soy wax and a blend of essential oils and fragrances that are phthalate-free. Perfect for personal use and great for gift ideas. 

Men and Women scent collection

9 oz (Single Wick) Candle Jar - Burn Time: 40+ hrs. when used as directed. 

16 oz ( Double Wick) Candle Jar - Burn Time 75 to 100 hrs. when used as directed.

Premium Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend, Phthalate-Free, Paraben-free

Candle Care Instructions

For best results always trim wick before every use to avoid black smoke and soot.

*Please do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Stop use when only 1/4″ of wax remains.

*Burn Candle So Wax Pool Reaches the Jar Edge Each Time to Prevent Wax Tunneling

*Keep Candle Away from Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets

*Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended